Brian Kelly hints at the real reason why LSU Football hasn't landed any transfers

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The LSU Football team hasn't been able to land the defensive tackle help they've been looking for in the transfer portal. While many transfers could use playing time, location, conference, or a wide variety of reasons as part of the decision to not pick a school it appears that's not the case this Spring. Brian Kelly in an interview with WAFB came out and pointed at NIL as the reason the LSU Tigers haven't been able to land a defensive tackle.

"It hasn't fared very well quite frankly because we are selling something a little bit differently. We aren't in the market of buying players."

Brian Kelly

This certainly has felt like the case as the main targets for LSU have gone to programs that are known for massive NIL programs like Miami. The LSU Tigers frankly shouldn't have to offer elite talent massive NIL deals especially at the defensive tackle position. Brian Kelly and his staff just three defensive tackles into the NFL Draft with Maason Smith, Mekhi Wingo, and Jordan Jefferson. Bo Davis just had two defensive tackles he coached while at Texas go in the first two rounds in Byron Murphy and T'Vondre Sweat.

If Brian Kelly and his staff feel that they don't need to buy players they're probably right in their conviction. Year after Year the LSU Tigers send as many players into the NFL as any other program allowing the players a chance to make more money than they could with NIL.

Which Player will want to become a future NFL Draft Pick?

The question LSU Football has to ask potential transfers now is what is your goal? If the player wants to make his way to the NFL then LSU may offer as good of a chance as any other program. The LSU Tigers will likely give whichever defensive tackle comes a starting role allowing the player to put a ton of film out there for NFL Scouts. The transfer will also be coached by Bo Davis giving them a solid chance to develop under a coach who's coached at the NFL level. The LSU Tigers will find their future defensive tackle it's important that the team finds a player that is the right fit.

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