Debate: These four faces belong on the LSU Tigers Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore features four former U.S. Presidents who represent significant events in history. If there was a Mount Rushmore in Baton Rouge, it should feature these four faces carved into stone.
30. Keystone, South Dakota
Attraction(s): Mount Rushmore National Memorial
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30. Keystone, South Dakota Attraction(s): Mount Rushmore National Memorial Annual rental revenue: / Trevor Hughes, USA TODAY, USA TODAY Own
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Our honorable mentions for the LSU Tigers Mount Rushmore are loaded with recency bias. Such is not supernatural, considering fans tend to favor that which consumes our viewing experiences.

LSU Tigers Mount Rushmore honorable mentions

Joe Burrow: Burrow was a popular choice in the replies to Barsool LSU’s tweet and our Facebook post. The 2019 Heisman Trophy winner is forever etched into Tigers history, but his one season in Baton Rouge doesn’t overshadow the first LSU football legend that is carved into our mountain.

Sue Gunter: The legendary women’s basketball coach was recently honored with her name moving next to Dale Brown’s on the LSU hardwood. Gunter is worthy of the Mount Rushmore honor, but we opted for a player who represented the program at the college and pro levels with prestige.

Jacob Hester: Hester is my favorite LSU football player of all time, so my oldest son and I wore No. 18 as youth and high school players. Jake is the greatest fullback in LSU history, but not quite Tigers Mount Rushmore material. I think he’d agree.

Dylan Crews: Crew led the 2023 LSU baseball team to its seventh national championship. However, there’s a face worth carving into the Tigers Mount Rushmore that is responsible for more than one collegiate title.

Pete Maravich: It will shock some LSU fans that the Pistol did not make the cut for carving into our mountain. However, the LSU basketball representative in our Mount Rushmore makes a ton of sense, all things considered.

Ed Orgeron: Coach O was not a legit candidate, but I added him to our honorable mentions list for comedic value. Whether you laughed or not, a small pocket of LSU fans believe his face must be carved into the mountain.

So, what faces will show in our LSU Tigers Mount Rushmore? Read on to find out.