EA College Football 25 Toughest Places to Play Rankings are disrespectful to Tiger Stadium

Texas A&M v LSU
Texas A&M v LSU / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

This summer, every college football fan is awaiting the return of EA Sports incredible college football video franchise after the game was discontinued in 2014. The build up to this game has made fans excited as EA has vowed to take the game in a direction better than the Madden Franchises.

This week is what EA Sports is calling "Rankings Week" where they're revealing everything from toughest places to play, stadium sights and sounds, top offenses, top defenses, and overall team rankings.

The EA College Football video games toughest places to play rankings is incredibly disrespectful to Death Valley and incredibly wrong.

It appears that the Texas A&M Boosters must've once again bought a number one ranking as Kyle Field is somehow ranked as the toughest place to play. When has anyone been scared to play at Kyle Field, especially over Tiger Stadium. This is the same Texas A&M program that has won just ten games in a season once in the 2000's and hasn't played a night game meaning anything since Johnny Manziel left College Station.

Then we get to Bryant Denny Stadium where sure it's tough to play as the Crimson Tide were dominant under Nick Saban but, is it for the stadium environment? Nick Saban has said himself that at times he wanted the fans to care a little more about the 11:00 AM kickoffs. Is Bryant Denny Stadium tough to play at? Absolutely but, the environment at Tiger Stadium trumps all.

Just an outright horrible ranking

The EA College Football stadium rankings are just horrific especially with Texas A&M ranked at the top spot. Playing in Death Valley let alone Death Valley at Night is the best environment in sports and the Tigers being ranked third is truly just a miscue by EA Sports. We'll have to see what stadium sights and songs EA Sports put in the game but, for now EA Sports has definitely shaded LSU Fans.

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