EA Sports College Football 25 Release Date, Game Modes, Features & Everything you need to know about

Texas A&M v LSU
Texas A&M v LSU / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Sports fans around the world are excited as EA Sports if finally reviving its College Football video game franchise for the first time since 2014. EA College Football 25 returns this summer and so far through the reveals for the game there's plenty to be excited about. Here are all the details and things to know about EA College Football 25:

Game Modes:

The NCAA Video Game franchise will bring back its two iconic game modes Road to Glory and Dynasty Mode as well as Ultimate Team and a new mode Road to the College Football Playoff. The game will also feature online head to head modes and offline gameplay.

Road to Glory mode allows you to create your own player as you look to become a legend on campus while managing typical student-athlete activities with a weekly schedule, coaching trust, GPA, your image, and more. The game mode will also allow you to enter the transfer portal if you're not getting the playing time you desire or if you're looking to move to a new school.

Dynasty Mode allows you to create a coach as you take a program to the top of the college football world. The game mode allows you to recruit high school players and transfers in order to build up your roster. The mode allows you to build a coaching staff as well as the ability to take your favorite school to the promise land.

Ultimate Team Mode allows you to build a team for online gameplay similar to the ultimate team modes in other EA Sports franchises. The game mode allows you to take your team online to play against other users while also allowing you to play through challenges and against CPU Opponents.

Road to the College Football playoff mode is a new mode listed for the game with few details but, it seems to be similar to other modes in EA Franchise. You can take a school and face off against opponents as you try to climb the rankings to win the College Football Playoff. The mode will likely be similar to Dynasty mode with the roster management aspect of the game.


The commentary for the game will be done by Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit for the more iconic games while college football personalities David Pollack, Jesse Palmer, and Rece Davis will announce other games.

The game also will feature incredible Pageantry and Traditions that suit each program. The game will feature team run-outs, fight songs, rivalry traditions and trophies, crowd chants, mascots and more.

The game will bring back Team Builder which allows you to create your own program and put it into the game. If you went to a school that's not in the game you can create your program on the team builder website to customize your programs' uniforms, helmets, fields, and logos.

When will EA Sports College Football be released?

For those who purchase the standard version of the game, it'll be released on Friday, July 19, 2025. The standard issue of the game will cost users $69.99. If you purchase the Deluxe edition or the MVP Bundle the game will be available to be played on July 16th, 2025. The Deluxe Edition of the game costs $99.99 and comes with College Football Points and packs used for the Ultimate team mode. The MVP bundle gives you both the deluxe edition of EA College Football 2025 and the Deluxe Edition of Madden 25 with included incentives for ultimate team modes in both games while costing $149.99.