Is there any truth to the rumor that an LSU football star will be EA's NCAA Football cover athlete?

The much-anticipated return of the EA’s NCAA Football is inching closer. In the meantime, speculation regarding the game’s cover athlete rages. Some believe an LSU football star is in order.
Tigers Quarterback Jayden Daniels 5 runs the ball as the LSU Tigers take on the Auburn Tigers at
Tigers Quarterback Jayden Daniels 5 runs the ball as the LSU Tigers take on the Auburn Tigers at / SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA

It has been a decade since the last release of EA’s NCAA Football. Thankfully, recent NCAA policy changes that allow college athletes to profile from their name, image, and likeness have resurrected the beloved video game. But much like EA’s Madden NFL game, fans hold the cover athlete in high regard.

Will the NCAA Football 2024 cover athlete bragging rights go to LSU football?

One X (Twitter) user caught my attention, claiming that Jayden Daniels is the rumored NCAA Football 2024 cover athlete. I refuse to buy into an account with barely more than 300 followers and no link to a source, but the mockup cover graphic included in the post sparks some excitement.

The truth is that EA remains mum on what player will represent the video games’ long-awaited release. However, Daniels is consistently one of the players speculated as the potential cover athlete in articles and discussions.

Of course, using the reigning Heisman Trophy winner as the NCAA Football 2024 cover athlete makes sense. Historically, the game’s cover featured a high-profile athlete from the most recent college season who entered the ensuing NFL Draft.

Most fans own a copy of NCAA Football 2014, which features Michigan’s Denard Robinson. EA opted for two cover athletes in 2013, featuring Robert Griffin III and Barry Sanders circa Oklahoma State. As such, the gaming giant can utilize multiple players on the cover for 2024.

Also, there’s some folks on social media pondering if the NCAA Football cover should honor Nick Saban.

Nevertheless, LSU football fans remain adamant that Jayden Daniels is the deserving cover athlete for the game’s next iteration. USC’s Caleb Williams, Oregon’s Bo Nix, and Colorado’s Shadeur Sanders are also widely rumored as cover candidates.

The first run of EA’s NCAA Football lasted 18 years but never featured an LSU Tiger on the cover. Such includes years (2009-10) EA opted for a different cover athlete for each gaming console.

Some believe Electronic Arts will air a preview commercial during the Super Bowl. However, fans were disappointed when the rumor of an NCAA Football trailer during the Michigan vs. Alabama national championship game turned out to be false.

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NCAA Football is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2024. As such, college football fans and video game enthusiasts have anxiously counted the days.