Jayden Daniels is the correct Heisman Trophy winner despite Michael Penix’s CFP performance

Michael Penix’s team is still playing football and Jayden Daniels’ is not. Such does not mean that Penix was snubbed of an award that Daniels won for being the better player.
Dec 9, 2023; New York, New York, USA; LSU Tigers quarterback Jayden Daniels poses for photos with
Dec 9, 2023; New York, New York, USA; LSU Tigers quarterback Jayden Daniels poses for photos with / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Not long ago, I credited voters for getting it right after the majority awarded the Heisman Trophy to Jayden Daniels. They did so despite LSU football being a three-loss team and outside the College Football Playoff window. However, I’m seeing a growing number of sports media pundits and talking heads claim that the award for college football’s most outstanding player should have gone to Michael Penix.

Such is complete and utter nonsense.

Michael Penix looked as calm, cool, and collective as a college football fan might expect of a fifth-year senior quarterback during Washington’s semifinal win over Texas. Heck, I enjoyed watching Penix bring straight electricity to the contest that I believed the Longhorns would win. Penix deserves every ounce of hype he is currently receiving from the media.

However, the 2023 Heisman Trophy remains with its rightful owner in Daniels.

Jayden Daniels was the better quarterback during the college football regular season. I do not doubt that Daniels would light up the CFP the same as Penix if given the opportunity. However, Penix has a defense that Daniels did not. Regardless, the cries that the Penix should have been the Heisman winner confirm what we already know about the award.

In most seasons, the Heisman Trophy is awarded via bias. As such, the most influential bias is recency bias.

Michael Penix will play football in front of a national audience through January 8th. Conversely, Daniels hasn’t worn a helmet since LSU football beat Texas A&M on November 25th. Indeed, the masses have forgotten how good Daniels is. As a result, many people are convincing themselves that Penix is the better player.

What’s worse are the folks yammering for Heisman Trophy voting to shift to the conclusion of the CFP as if the biases aren’t bad enough. I mean, why not rebrand the award as the College Football Playoff Most Valuable Player Trophy while we’re at it?

I’m sure Daniels could care less about the articles and social media chatter while focusing on NFL Draft preparations. However, I’m bothered by the nonsensical takes from the field. If anything, the late reactions to Daniels winning the Heisman show how unique it is for him to own the award.

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I hope for the best for Penix on Monday night when the Huskies take on Michigan. But I know the CFP championship game will produce more “Penix should be the Heisman” cackling via TV, Web articles, and social media.