Joe Burrow gives his input on the Ohio State fans that claim him as one of them

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU
College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

One of the topics that gets fans into heated debates online is claiming a player to one schools even if the player didn't finish his career there. If you go on the platform formerly known as twitter, you'll often see fanbases arguing over if Alabama can claim Jalen Hurts, if Ohio State can claim Jameson Williams, if Auburn can claim Bo Nix, and if Ohio State can claim Joe Burrow among several other debates.

Joe Burrow appeared on Monday's episode of the popular podcast Pardon My Take where he finally answered how he feels about Ohio State fans who claim him as a Buckeye.

"I didn't play football there, I mean I practiced football there, I did a lot of practicing and lifting. I graduated. I usually tell people I went to school at Ohio State and I played football at LSU. I got a lot better from practicing at Ohio State but, I didn't get to play so I don't really say that I played there. "

Joe Burrow

There's no longer any debate on the topic of Joe Burrow as he's now answered the debate himself, he's an LSU Football player and a student from Ohio State. Fans online immediately ran to twitter to discuss what Joe Burrow said as LSU Fans said Ohio State can take the credit for any inventions Burrow comes up with or if he ever wins a Nobel Peace Prize but, all football accomplishments belong to the Tigers.

Joe Burrow is poised for a massive season with the Bengals

After having his 2023 season derailed by injuries, the former Heisman Trophy winner is set up for a massive 2024 season. The Bengals went out and built a better team around Burrow, signing Trent Brown to protect him and brought in Mike Gesicki and Jermaine Burton as receiving options for Burrow. The Bengals are now poised to once again win the AFC North and potentially unseat the Kansas City Chiefs atop the AFC.