LSU Football NFL Draft Storylines to follow

NFL Draft - Red Carpet
NFL Draft - Red Carpet / Kena Krutsinger/GettyImages

The current favorite to go second overall in the NFL Draft is LSU Football's Jayden Daniels. Entering the week Daniels was seemingly a lock to end up in Washington however, rumors that Daniels agent was unhappy with the team hosting multiple quarterbacks on the same visit has many wary about Daniels' willingness to play in Washington. Daniels himself has said that he'd be happy to play in Washington but, until the pick is in we may not truly know.

The NFL Draft seemingly starts with the fourth overall pick as many experts expect Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, and Drake Maye will be the first three selections. The Cardinals hold, the fourth overall pick where Malik Nabers' draft range seemingly starts. Picks four through six will be where we likely see Nabers come off the board as all three teams need a top receiver. If Nabers falls past the sixth overall pick the teams to watch are the Bears at 9, the Jets at 10, or a team that may trade up for Nabers.

If Brian Thomas Jr can find his way into the first ten selections of the NFL Draft it would be the first time in school history that three players have been selected in the top ten. The closest LSU has come is in 2007 when LSU had two players picked in the top ten. Some Draft experts have Thomas slated as a prospect that will go higher than expected as most mock drafts have Thomas' draft range starting with the 15th overall pick.

Day Two is likely where we see Maason Smith come off the draft board either in the second or third round. Teams are infatuated with Smith's upside and the interest is there as Smith has taken 12 top-30 visits through this process.

We'll see the remaining two defensive tackles Mekhi Wingo and Jordan Jefferson come off the board on day three. Wingo was graded out as one of the better run defenders at the position and will likely come off the board in round four. Jordan Jefferson will be drafted between rounds five and seven as teams don't view him as much of a pass rusher however his athletic ability excites many.

Charles Turner, Noah Cain, and Andre Sam are all seemingly late day three pick to undrafted free agents. Often times for late selections it's best to go undrafted as you can choose which team you go to based on the likelihood of making the roster.

Massive recruiting platform for Brian Kelly

The LSU Tigers have one of the top recruiting classes in the country however, their recruiting pitch may get a lot better on Thursday Night. Depending what happens towards the end of the first round, LSU may end up tied for the most first-round selections with three players. The biggest competition is Alabama who has three definite first-round picks while Kool-Aid McKinstry may be the fourth. Their new head coach Kalen DeBoer has three Washington players who will seemingly go in the top half of the draft while Michael Penix Jr may be a fourth. Brian Kelly can use the day as a recruiting platform as he can show recruits that his pipeline to the NFL is the same as it was at Notre Dame.

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