LSU football: Why Bryce Underwood’s commitment triggers paranoia

Don't mind me as I celebrate Bryce Underwood's commitment to LSU football with bourbon and king cake. But the paranoia will set in tomorrow, and here's why.
Belleville quarterback Bryce Underwood makes a pass against Southfield A&T during the first half
Belleville quarterback Bryce Underwood makes a pass against Southfield A&T during the first half / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Bryce Underwood committed to the LSU football class of 2025 on Saturday. He immediately became the highest-ranked recruit in Tigers history and rocketed Brian Kelly's 2025 class to the top of composite rankings. Underwood joins fellow five-star recruits Dakorien Moore and Harlem Berry in a group of high school all-stars with the potential to form a dynasty in Death Valley.

However, there's a lot of time between now and the national signing day for the 2025 class. Things will change by then, for better or worse. As such, I'm figuratively looking over both shoulders, knowing that rival college football programs are plotting their recruiting countermeasures.

LSU football coaches must pivot their 2025 recruiting approach from courting to worshipping Underwood, Moore, and Berry. We must expect Michigan will not give up on its attempts to keep Underwood in the state. Likewise, Texas will maintain contact with Moore and Florida with Berry. Moreover, we know Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State are always lurking and plotting to sway any high-profile recruit in their favor.

Bryce Underwood is committed to LSU football, but he will continue speaking with coaches at other programs, and likely make more official visits over the next year. I would do the same. Like I said, things will change.

Quinn Ewers was committed to Texas for most of his final year in high school before flipping to Ohio State. Likewise, Tua Tagovailoa was a longtime USC recruit before Alabama swooped in in the final stages of the 2017 recruiting cycle. Recently, LSU football gained Dominick McKinley's commitment after he de-committed from Texas A&M's 2024 class.

Each player swaps schools before signing their letter of intent has their reasons, including coaching changes, other players, or girlfriends (e.g., Peyton Bowen1). Also, there's no denying NIL money's ridiculous influence on players' decisions to commit to and transfer from programs.

Indeed, I will spend many days in 2024 fearing that a rival program will put together a can't refuse NIL package for Underwood.

Simultaneously, I'm gaining confidence that Kelly and Scott Woodward have aligned with the Bayou Traditions collective to ensure the historic 2025 class remains committed to LSU football. Also, the marquee players in next year's pool of commitments have formed a pact to come to Baton Rouge and field a legendary team.

We have almost 11 months before the 2025 LSU football class can sign. Until then, LSU fans must continue to shower them with love and energy on social media and continue the intoxicating atmosphere in Tiger Stadium.

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Suppose the 2025 class is destined to be special. In that case, Underwood, Moore, and Berry will do the unusual by committing early and remaining committed to LSU for the entirety of the 2025 recruiting cycle.