Ranking which NFL team is the best fit for LSU's Malik Nabers

LSU Wide Receiver Malik Nabers has a chance to be the first non-quarterback selected but, is that the best situation for him?
Mar 1, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Louisiana State wide receiver Malik Nabers (WO21) talks to the
Mar 1, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Louisiana State wide receiver Malik Nabers (WO21) talks to the / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Bears - 8th Overall

The Bears control the draft holding the first overall pick as well as the eighth overall pick likely landing Caleb Williams first overall. The Bears are almost certainly taking a wide receiver with the eighth pick seemingly setting that as the floor for where Nabers ends up.

Malik will be paired with Caleb Williams the first overall pick seemingly for the entirety of their careers forming a great young duo. The pair would have all of Rookie minicamp to start building chemistry helping them both get onto the same page early on.

The Bears have bolstered their receiving core this off-season by trading for Keenan Allen to pair him with DJ Moore. The Bears have two number-one receivers making it incredible for Malik Nabers to come into the league with the Bears giving Nabers two incredible mentors to learn from. Moore and Allen will also garner most of the attention from opposing defense allowing Nabers to succeed early on.

The Bears overall offer Nabers an incredible situation as he'd come into a team on the rise on the same timeline as the team's franchise quarterback while also ensuring he's selected in the top ten. After drafting Caleb Williams, the Bears will be all-in for the next five seasons giving Nabers a great chance at playing competitive football.

2. Chargers - 5th Overall

The Chargers underwent an off-season of change hiring Jim Harbaugh and moving on from offensive mainstays Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen, and Mike Williams. Nearly every mock draft has Malik Nabers landing fourth or fifth in the draft which would be incredible to see for him.

Quarterback wise, Nabers would get to catch passes from Justin Herbert seemingly for the entirety of their careers pairing Nabers with one of the game's best young quarterbacks. Nearly every team in the top ten either is drafting a quarterback or unsure about their quarterback making it incredible for Malik to end up playing with Justin Herbert.

The biggest downside to the Chargers right now is that he'd need to be the team's top receiver after trading away Keenan Allen and releasing Mike Williams. Malik would play alongside former first-round pick Quentin Johnston and Joshua Palmer.

The Chargers overall offer Malik Nabers one of the best situations of his potential suitors overall. While some suitors further down the draft could offer him an overall better situation, landing in the top five and playing with Justin Herbert is an unbelievable fit.

1. New York Jets - 10th Overall

While falling to the tenth overall pick would be disappointing and shocking for Malik Nabers, the upside of going to the New York Jets is the best of all potential situations. The Jets would give Nabers the best chance to compete for a Super Bowl in year one as the Jets look like a contender in the AFC.

At Quarterback, Nabers would be catching passes from four-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers who is about as good of a quarterback for a rookie receiver as anyone in the league. With a majority of the teams picking in the top ten, Nabers would be catching passes from either a rookie quarterback or one who fully hasn't proven himself which isn't the case with the Jets.

Nabers also wouldn't have to be the Jets' top weapon from day one as the Jets have two top receivers and a top-ten running back. Nabers would likely get attention from an opponent's third-best cornerback with Garrett Wilson and Mike Williams flanking him at wide receiver. The attention that Wilson and Williams will draw will be great for a Rookie receiver as Nabers will be eased into the NFL against easier matchups.

The Jets truly offer Malik Nabers the all-around best package, as a contender with a great quarterback and a solid receiving core that's picking at the top of the draft. If not for the injury to Aaron Rodgers, the Jets would've never had a chance to add a player of Nabers caliber but, they now have a chance for a truly perfect pairing.

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