What Angel Reese’s reaction to Caitlin Clark’s record says about women’s college basketball

On Thursday, Iowa’s Caitlin Clark became the DI women’s college basketball’s all-time leading scorer. Angel Reese’s response to the milestone spoke volumes regarding their relationship.

Apr 2, 2023; Dallas, TX, USA; LSU Lady Tigers forward Angel Reese (10) gestures to Iowa Hawkeyes
Apr 2, 2023; Dallas, TX, USA; LSU Lady Tigers forward Angel Reese (10) gestures to Iowa Hawkeyes / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Caitlin Clark’s run through women’s college basketball is nothing short of incredible. The Iowa Hawkeyes star surpassed Washington’s Kelsey Plum for the most points scored all-time in Division I. Plum’s record of 3,527 points stood for nearly eight years.

LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese was one of several celebrities and athletes who reacted to Clark’s milestone on social media.

Reese’s congratulatory post was more than arbitrary. Indeed, the Tigers’ junior forward is happy for her opponent because, as they say, game recognizes game. Moreover, Clark’s time with Iowa continues to draw attention to women’s college basketball.

In an era where college athletes can earn life-changing revenue for their name, image, and likeness, a player like Caitlin Clark is worth her weight in gold. Reese leading the 2022-23 LSU women’s basketball team to a championship resulted in her rise in popularity. The popularity continues to come with business opportunities.

Players like Reese and Clark also create storylines and attention to a sport many of us could have cared less about in recent years.

Remember when Reese taunted Clark in the 2023 Women’s Final Four Championship Game? Several fans and talking heads immediately sprung to social media to spew hero versus villain narratives. In reality, Reese giving the John Cena “you can’t see me” hand motion was merely an intense moment between top competitors.

After the game, Clark defended Reese against criticism and acknowledged trash talk is part of the game. Indeed, it’s nice to see Reese return the show of respect to Iowa’s superstar nearly a regular season later.

I recently commented that what’s different about the current state of women’s college basketball is the personalities. The sport has always fielded phenomenal players, but now, we’re seeing personalities emerge and catch the attention of fans. Reese’s championship game gesture, for better or worse, captured nonstop headlines.

Clark did the same when she drilled a three-point shot near the Hawkeyes’ mid-court logo to break Plum’s record.

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The premier women’s college basketball players are doing more than hooping. They’re playing ball with a style and attitude that is intoxicating. As such, I cannot wait for the 2024 women’s college basketball tournament to commence.