What the Big 10 and SEC joint advisory group could mean for LSU football

The Big 10 and SEC have formed a joint advisory group to evaluate the current state of college football. Their actions potentially trigger significant changes that will affect LSU football.
LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly addresses the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days at the
LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly addresses the media at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days at the / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA
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College football autonomy

I have read and heard numerous suggestions from college football media members that college football is on a path to separation from the NCAA. Thus, I wonder if the Big 10/SEC advisory group is the first step to forming a college football governing body.

So much of the sport revolves around the College Football Playoff and television contracts that college football’s split from the NCAA feels inevitable. Indeed, the NCAA has struggled to keep up with the rules and regulations required to navigate a landscape muddled by NIL and the transfer portal. I also think that the larger universities are not interested in the NCAA investigating their NIL and transfer portal doings.

For example, Tennessee was recently slapped on the wrist after the NCAA discovered the Vols’ NIL collective funded private jet rides for Nico Iamaleava’s recruiting trips to Knoxville.

Tennessee argues that no policy was instituted by the NCAA that specified such was impermissible. Regardless, it’s another example of collegiate frustration toward its governing body.

A college football governing body that is separate from the NCAA will have a tremendous impact on LSU football. When the day comes, we will stare down rapid changes in recruiting, scholarships, transfer windows, NIL use, and scheduling. There’s also opportunity for college football conferences and universities to pocket more revenue without having to give the NCAA a share.

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The next several months will be interesting and we look forward to the Big 10/SEC advisory group’s findings and recommendations.