Where Les Miles is right and where Les Miles is wrong with his lawsuit against LSU

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Earlier in the month, the College Football Hall of Fame released the names of former players and coaches who were on the Ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame. While most fans were upset over Mike Leach being left off the ballot due to a winning percentage above 60% also just missing the cut was Les Miles.

The reason Les Miles falls below the mark is due to how his career ended with 37 vacated wins and a terrible 3-18 record at Kansas. Miles had 37 wins vacated over recruiting violations as Miles paid a recruit as revealed in a scandal. The wins were vacated as LSU voluntarily gave up the wins in order to soften the blow from the NCAA.

While LSU shouldn't have been brought into this lawsuit, Les Miles does have a few grounds to stand on. This is the year that we saw Reggie Bush get his Heisman back after it was taken away for benefits prior to NIL. It's also well speculated that nearly every program was paying recruits under the table before NIL and with what the game is evolving into it seems unfair to take away Miles' wins. These wins weren't vacated by the NCAA but, by LSU in order to receive a lesser punishment while Les Miles gets a ton of the backlash.

Where Miles is wildly wrong however, is in assuming that he'd be in the Hall of Fame automatically if he qualified. Miles comes with a ton of baggage as he was involved in multiple scandals which would make voters uneasy with voting Miles in. According to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports none of Miles three schools Oklahoma State, LSU, or Kansas nominated Miles for the Hall of Fame.

Both sides deserve their wins back but, Miles may not be a HOFer

In the modern era, it feels appropriate to reinstate wins to programs that were paying players prior to NIL. The issue is that Miles may not be a Hall of Famer especially as it feels that Miles didn't get the most out of the talent he had at times. This lawsuit has the potential to get messy for both sides especially when it comes to digging up old dirt and both sides would likely be better off without this suit.

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