Mike the Tiger abused?


It appears LSU has another controversy on their hands with another animal besides the Honey Badger. Our beloved mascot and friend Mike the Tiger’s living conditions are being threatened. Although, it is not the first accusation of animal rights against LSU for housing the tiger.

The people who continue to blast LSU for its role with mike the tiger have even made a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FreeMikeTheTigerFromLSU in hopes of persuading people who know little about Mikes life to join them. I say this because they are unwilling to provide any evidence other than it is not okay to own a tiger and keep a tiger in a cage.

They have banned anybody who oppose their views on the matter and have been very childish and hypocritical with their responses. They should focus more time and effort on tigers that are in real need and danger. Such as Tigers that are owned illegally by citizens that do not receive the proper care they deserve. The Tigers in our facility have averaged double and sometimes triple the lifespan of a tiger in the wild.

Mike receives a luxurious lifestyle at our facility at LSU and is not mistreated in any way. He is not forced to get in his cage and go to the games. They simple open the Tigers cage and if he gets in he goes to the game. Tell me how many cats do that with a cat taxi, I know mine does not.

I am just speaking out because Mike is a big part of LSU sports and LSU as a university. If anything were going on that was unsatisfactory to him and his health the people of Baton Rouge would not stand for it. We all see him as our Tiger and we want nothing but the best for him.