Mock-up concept LSU football helmet – good or bad?


The LSU football helmet has an interesting and creative new concept design, as do many other teams in college football.

For those of us who follow sports, whether college or professional, we know that many teams have come up with alternate jerseys and uniforms in different colors and patterns, and in some cases, special edition uniforms such as those featuring the military look and even state flags.

Here’s a look at the mock concept football helmet designs for the 32 NFL teams, as rendered by Deeyung Entertainment.

You can check out the mock concept designs for the college teams here, also created by Deeyung, and just below, an up close and personal look at the LSU football helmet.

So, Tiger fans, what do you think? The all-white look has replaced the traditional gold, but at least the classic Tiger logo and “LSU” in capital letters remain. The stripe going down the center of the helmet is now gold flanked by purple on either side, instead of the traditional white flanked by purple.  The center stripe even covers the center of the facemask.

LSU fans very likely recall white helmets being used in the past, and if memory serves correctly, it wasn’t exactly a fan favorite. The white helmets were last used in 2011 as part of the Nike Pro Combat promotion.

Prior to that, LSU wore white helmets and a special uniform for the 2009 game against Tulane, promoting relief for Hurricane Katrina. That particular ensemble was a one-time only thing. The Tigers also wore white helmets in the 1997 Independence Bowl against Notre Dame.

Seems to us at Death Valley Voice that most Tiger fans are traditionalists when it comes to the LSU uniform. Change isn’t something that folks really like.

What are your thoughts, Tiger fans?

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