LSU Football Draft Eligible Tigers: Davon Godchaux


Davon Godchaux may not be a household name around the college football landscape. However, come April 27th, NFL Teams will be lining up to take a flyer on this LSU football player.

The discussion of the draft possibilities of a defensive linemen to the next level is not exactly an attractive one. It is generally the skill position players, and quarterbacks, who garner most of the casual fans attention during draft time. But for NFL Scouts who are looking for either an every down linemen, or a guy who can play multiple positions along the line, Davon Godchaux would be first in line to accept a rose.

Davon has played in both the 4-3 defense, under Coach Kevin Steele, and the 3-4 defense, under Coach Dave Aranda. The ability to play both the 3-technique (outside shoulder of the OG) DT in a 4-3 and a 5-technique (outside shoulder of the OT) DE in a 3-4 make Godchaux a valuable commodity come draft time.

Playing both the Nose Guard (NG) and Defensive Tackle – which doubles as a Defensive End in the 3-4 – positions in Aranda’s 3-4 defense, Godchaux also had the chance to participate in what we describe in the football lexicon as a 2-gapper. In laymen’s terms, some 3-4 defenses require their defensive linemen to read and react to plays as they happen. In those instances, the linemen are required to play either gap that they are closest to.

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For example: If a NG is playing over the Center (OC), once the ball is snapped, he is responsible for all plays that come between the gap of the OC/RG and OC/LG; in a read and react scheme. Although his 40 yard dash, and shuttle time have not come out yet, at 6’4″ 299 lbs. Godchaux has the potential to be the 1st DL taken off of the board in April.

Averaging over 5 tackles a game from the DT position, as well as a total of 6.5 sacks, Godchaux helped to anchor the 10th best defense in the nation (3rd SEC) this season.

Possible landing spots for Godchaux the 2017 NFL Draft include Washington, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Atlanta.