LSU football: The Tigers still have a path to CFB Playoff

After LSU football lost last weekend, it all still stings a bit. But get out of your feelings because there is still plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

After an outrage from LSU football fans following a tough lose against Florida, it felt necessary to remind everyone that the season is far from over. This team is at the least on the road to a New Years 6 bowl bid. But further than that, it can be a playoff team. Yes, the same team that has fans calling for the firing of their coach can still be in the running for a national championship. Here is how:

It is the SEC.

First and foremost, it can’t be forgotten that well the Tigers play in the SEC. If there is any stat that could help out the most, it is the conference that they play in. Particularly this season, things are much more easier as the conference is sort of everyone beating everyone. Kentucky beat Florida and Florida beat LSU and Florida beat Mississippi State and LSU beat Auburn and Mississippi State beat Auburn. Nothing really makes sense around here. But… that works in LSU football’s favor. That makes every win much more valuable. If you beat Mississippi State, they have a quality win over Auburn. If you go and beat Texas A&M, they have a quality win over Kentucky. Every win brings a quality win with it, which ultimately boost the Tigers even farther in the polls.

It is the SEC, Part II.

Once again, the Tigers play football in the best conference in football (SEC! SEC! SEC!). That means the schedule is loaded with quality opponents, and other conferences can not say the same… We are looking at you @BIG 10, @PAC-12, and @Big 12. Teams like Oklahoma suffered a loss that will way heavy on their résumé, Ohio State lacks any big time wins, and Clemson, Notre Dame, and West Virginia look destined for a big time meltdown any second. The Tigers? They have played well on the road, and took a quality loss to a quality team. They have big time games against Georgia and Bama, and even going 1-1 in those games still keeps them in playoff conversation. If this team keeps growing, which they have, this team is not done yet. This year is not over yet. A 10-2 team from the SEC, with two quality road losses and a couple of quality home wins… that does not miss out on the playoffs.


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