Joe Burrow disputes LSU football’s Odell Beckham Jr explanation

LSU football’s Joe Burrow made some waves with his comments this week.

After LSU football took down the Clemson Tigers on Monday night in New Orleans, Odell Beckham Jr was seen on the field handing out wads of cash.

Beckham’s actions obviously garnered a lot of attention.

On Tuesday, LSU football told The Advocate that Beckham was handing out fake money. They later said they’re looking into the whole situation because they aren’t sure yet if that was the case.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, however, told Pardon My Take that Beckham gave him real money after the game.

According to TMZ, when asked if Beckham gave out real money, Burrow said “I’m not a student-athlete anymore, so I can say yeah.”

But as TMZ pointed out, it’s not clear when Beckham allegedly gave Burrow any cash. He didn’t specify that it was on the field.

There’s honestly no telling with Beckham. He looked like he was having a pretty good time after the game celebrating and perhaps he just got caught up in the moment. The players should be able to give the money back (if it was real) and that should be that.

Of course, it’s never that easy with the NCAA.

As for Beckham, well LSU should probably have a chat with him.

It’s obviously beneficial for Beckham to be visible around the program. He’s one of the most recognizable NFL players in the the country. His presence around LSU only helps the program — especially in recruiting.

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But he can’t go around handing out cash to players. That’s not helping LSU, that only hurts the program.

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