LSU Football: The trait that will make Joe Burrow a star in the NFL

LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow is destined to be a star in the NFL after a magical 2019 season.

LSU football’s Joe Burrow is going to be a star in the NFL.

I have no doubts.

And it’s not because of the mesmerizing stats he put up in 2019 (though that certainly helps), it’s because of a trait he has that only great quarterbacks have.

Burrow loves adversity. He thrives under pressure. Burrow is better when his back is against the wall.

This might sound like hyperbole, but it’s true. And everyone associated with LSU football knows it.

A LSU staffer recently told The Athletic “I’ve never had a quarterback that way, where after a big hit or something bad happens, he raises his game and plays even better”.

Ed Orgeron echoed those sentiments in his speech to his team the night before the championship game against Clemson.

Via The Athletic:

“Other teams’ quarterbacks get hit and they b—,” he says. “Our quarterback gets hit and I’m happy because I know he’s pissed off, and he’s bringing hell with him. That’s the mindset.”

“Bringing hell with him.”

I got chills when I read that.

What more could you want in a quarterback?

Especially in the NFL where big hits are inevitable.

Burrow has everything that a quarterback needs to be successful in the NFL. He’s smart, he’s fast enough to make something happen when a play breaks down, he has plenty of arm and he has all the confidence/swagger in the world.

The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t ready to tip their hand just yet, but barring a trade it’s almost a certainty that Burrow will be their top pick in April.

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Bengals fans should be thrilled at the possibility. Burrow has the potential to change the entire trajectory of that franchise.

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