The benefit of visiting with LSU QB Joe Burrow for the Washington Redskins

LSU football’s Joe Burrow will meet with the Washington Redskins for a pre-draft visit.

LSU football’s Joe Burrow is heading to Cincinnati.

The Bengals have the first overall pick, they badly need a quarterback and Burrow recently put to bed any talk of not wanting to play in Cincinnati.

So why in the world are the Washington Redskins scheduling a pre-draft visit with Burrow?

I think there are actually two good reasons for this. For one, the Redskins, like a lot of teams, likely view Burrow as a transcendent quarterback who could change the trajectory of a franchise.

Washington, despite having Dwayne Haskins on their roster, would benefit from having Burrow in a Redskins uniform. While I don’t think a Redskins/Bengals trade is on the horizon, it’s wise of Washington to consider all of their options (a trade for the No. 1 pick would require the Redskins to send a lot of draft capital to Cincinnati).

More realistically, I think Ron Rivera and the Redskins are meeting with Burrow to see what kind of information they can pull from him. Washington plays the Bengals in 2020, so I’m sure there will be a “game planning” aspect to the meeting.

But this meeting isn’t just about beating the Bengals next season. Rivera likely wants to see if the team can learn anything from Burrow, who led the nation’s most productive offense in college football last season.

Teams are always trying to gain an edge. Perhaps there’s a small bit of information the Redskins can learn from meeting with Burrow that will help the franchise down the road.

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There’s nothing wrong with trying to learn as much as possible. It’s actually a pretty wise idea for Washington to meet with Burrow, even though there’s almost no chance the former LSU signal caller will end up playing for the Redskins.

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