LSU football commit gets disrespected by recruiting service

LSU football's Tiger stadium (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
LSU football's Tiger stadium (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

A 2021 LSU football commit was disrespected this week.

2021 LSU football commit Raesjon Davis started the month as a five-star linebacker in 247Sports’ composite ratings.

After a recent ratings update, Davis is now a four-star linebacker in 247Sports’ composite rankings.

The recruiting service that caused Davis’ drop?


(247Sports’ composite ratings takes the average rating of a player from all recruiting services.)

In the recent ratings update from Rivals, Davis was dropped from a five-star to a four-star. He went from being rated as the No. 48 overall player in the nation to being the No. 50 overall player in the nation.

Why the rating drop?

The obvious question here is why did Davis drop in Rivals’ ratings?

Unfortunately, there’s no good answer.

Rivals’ last ratings update was in mid February.

You know what’s happened since mid February?

Almost nothing, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There haven’t been any camps or evaluations. There’s absolutely no basis for Davis to drop in the rankings.

The reason, by the way, that Davis dropped two spots in the rankings was because two players jumped way up in the rankings.

Ohio State wide receiver commit Marvin Harrison Jr and Georgia offensive tackle commit Micah Morris made huge leaps in the rankings.

Now, if players can’t be evaluated right now, and there’s no new tape on any recruits, how in the world can players be jumping around in the rankings this much?

Considering the current environment, I don’t see the point of a ratings update. It just proves that recruiting ratings aren’t always based on a player’s abilities.

Of course, LSU probably doesn’t care about all this (and neither do the other teams still pursuing Davis). But I think it’s notable because Davis was the Tigers’ only five-star commit.

I still think LSU is going to finish with a top five recruiting class (they currently have the No. 7 class in the nation), but it’s certainly possible this could stall the recruiting momentum the Tigers were starting to build in recent weeks.

Coaches may not care much about recruiting rankings, but recruits do.

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And there’s no doubt that recruits will notice that LSU suddenly doesn’t have any five-star commits.