Top 5 best game day atmospheres in the SEC

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Georgia Bulldogs and Sanford Stadium (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

5. Georgia Bulldogs — Sanford Stadium

Athens is a special town. It’s one of the best college towns in the country and there aren’t many places better to catch a college football game.

However, if you’re going to Athens, be prepared to be barked at by adults.

It’s one of the more annoying things that I see SEC fans do. But it obviously resonates with me. Which means it’s making an impact.

Aside from the barking, there’s a lot to love about a Georgia game day at Sanford Stadium.

The hedges, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, and the ringing of the chapel bell after a win are all unique to Georgia.

By the end of a game at Athens, after staring at a sea of red all afternoon, you’ll undoubtedly have “Glory, Glory” running through your head on a loop.

Win or lose (and it’s mostly been winning over the last 20 years), Georgia fans are as passionate as it gets. Game days in Athens are incredibly special for fans, players and coaches.

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