LSU Football: Colin Cowherd continues his assault against Joe Burrow

LSU football's Joe Burrow (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
LSU football's Joe Burrow (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

Colin Cowherd doesn’t seem to be a fan of LSU football’s Joe Burrow.

In late February, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd said that LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow is nothing more than a great story.

Cowherd went on to say that Burrow is “not a great prospect”.

The rest of the NFL, however, disagreed. The Cincinnati Bengals took Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, after turning down offers for the first selection from other franchises.

This week, Cowherd doubled down on his anti-Burrow agenda, saying on his show that the former LSU quarterback will “get mauled” as a rookie in 2020.

What is Cowherd trying to prove?

I have no idea what Cowherd, an Eastern Washington alum, has against Burrow.

Maybe Cowherd is secretly an Oklahoma or Clemson fan. Even then, his disdain for Burrow wouldn’t make any sense.

It’s unreal the way Cowherd is actively rooting for a 23 year old to fail as a rookie.

And for what? So his silly prediction can be proved correct?

It’s non-sense and it’s not a good look for Cowherd.

Burrow is an outstanding kid who plays the game the right way. He’s a great leader and teammate and he brings out the best in those around him. Burrow’s a great ambassador for football in Cincinnati. His story — a kid who didn’t get a chance at Ohio State and went to LSU to become one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever — should be inspiring to any young athlete who wants to pursue sports.

Maybe Cowherd should actually spend some time around Burrow before blasting the kid on his daily show.

The only person that’s going to look bad in this whole situation is Cowherd. Even if Burrow struggles as a rookie, Cowherd will still look bad for rooting against a player with great character.

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Some analysts just don’t get it. Colin Cowherd is one of those analysts.