LSU Football: Tim Tebow never misses a chance to insult the Tigers

Former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Former Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t optimistic about LSU football this season.

Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has never been shy about taking subtle shots at LSU football.

Tebow picked LSU to win the national championship over Clemson earlier this year, but in the process, he insinuated that Ed Orgeron’s staff didn’t have staying power in the SEC.

“When I think about greatness, I think about Clemson. When I think about magic right now, it’s Ed O and it’s LSU, and I’m going with magic today”, said Tebow back in January (via The Clemson Insider).

Tebow’s game pick was correct (LSU dominated Clemson in the championship game). But what about his suggestion that LSU was a one-year wonder?

Tim Tebow doesn’t seem to believe in LSU football

LSU’s season-opening loss would certainly seem to indicate that Tebow is right about the Tigers.

But I think that would be a misguided assumption, for a myriad of reasons. The first career start for quarterback Myles Brennan (who had a better statistical debut than Joe Burrow in 2018), the absence of cornerback Derek Stingley Jr (probably the best college football player in the nation), and the extreme loss of talent from 2019 are all reasons that LSU wasn’t able to get past Mississippi State last weekend.

Those are all things that LSU can overcome. Stingley will likely be back this week against Vanderbilt. And Brennan and the other inexperienced players on the roster will continue to progress. The Tigers absolutely will get better this season.

Tebow, however, feels otherwise.

“They’ve (LSU) got to play Florida, they’ve got to play Auburn, they’ve got to play Alabama… a lot of good teams in there,” said Tebow on Friday during an appearance on ESPN (via 247Sports). “And they’ve got to do it in a row. That is a gauntlet and I do not think LSU will be able to get over that hurdle. I think it’s too much.”

The Tigers are capable of beating all three of those teams. Florida’s defense looked rough against Ole Miss. Alabama is tough but beatable. And Auburn isn’t an SEC West power at this point.

Now, do I expect LSU to run the table?

No, that would be silly.

But this team is talented. They’re going to improve. And they’re going to throw a wrench into the College Football Playoff.

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Whether that’s by making a case to get in the playoff, or simply knocking someone else out, I’m not sure. But LSU will be nationally relevant at the end of the season.

Sorry, Tebow.