LSU Football: Myles Brennan has a big decision to make and it should be easy

LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

LSU football quarterback Myles Brennan has a big decision to make.

LSU football quarterback Myles Brennan hasn’t played since the Tigers’ loss to Missouri last month.

And he might not play again this season.

Brennan, who suffered an abdomen injury against Missouri, has missed LSU’s last two games.

The redshirt junior quarterback practiced last week, ahead of the Tigers’ bye week, but it didn’t go well according to head coach Ed Orgeron.

After watching Brennan practice last week, Coach O said his starting quarterback was “very doubtful” for LSU’s game against Alabama on Saturday.

Now, with the season winding down, it appears that Brennan is considering not returning at all this season.

Myles Brennan might play again this season for LSU football

Coach O told reporters on Monday that Brennan is officially out for the Alabama game. Orgeron then mentioned that there’s a serious discussion going on about shutting Brennan down for the rest of the season (via The Athletic’s Brody Miller).

I think this would be the right move. And I don’t think Brennan should fight it.

The offense clearly isn’t the issue this season for the Tigers. Sure, it’s obviously not as good without Brennan in the mix (as we saw against Auburn). But the defense is the far bigger issue.

And until the defense is fixed, it doesn’t matter who is playing quarterback — LSU is going to struggle.

Brennan showed over the first few games of the season that he’s capable of being a star quarterback in the SEC. If not for his injury, he could potentially be in the Heisman Trophy conversation. The Tigers don’t need Brennan out there risking his body just for the sake of getting experience. He has all the experience he needs to be successful in 2021.

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The right move is to shut Brennan down, fix the defense, and get ready for 2021 when LSU can, hopefully, make some noise in the SEC West.