The most ridiculous take on Joe Burrow’s season-ending knee injury

Former LSU Football QB Joe Burrow Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Former LSU Football QB Joe Burrow Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

Joe Burrow is out for the season after suffering a knee injury this past weekend.

Watching Joe Burrow’s knee/leg go in the wrong direction on Sunday afternoon was absolutely gut-wrenching.

As soon as I saw the injury, I knew Burrow’s rookie season was over. Everyone knew it.

I feel horrible for Burrow. He’s taken a beating this season — something that’s not uncommon for a rookie quarterback that’s a high draft pick.

The Cincinnati Bengals need to do a lot of work to put Burrow in a better position for success. And they need to start with their offensive line.

The beating that Burrow has taken this season, however, has nothing to do with the freak injury he suffered on Sunday.

The worst take on Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury

It’s easy to take shots at the Bengals. They’ve been a losing franchise for most of the last 30 years.

But that doesn’t mean that publications should pile on for no reason.

Yahoo Sports published an article in the wake of Burrow’s injury that I find absolutely ridiculous.

The title of the article is “Joe Burrow’s injury a failure of Bengals to protect him”. The article pretty much trashes the Bengals for their approach with Burrow this season.

Look, we can debate what the Bengals should do to give Burrow a better chance to win (though it’s not like they’ve had an opportunity to do much — Burrow is still a rookie).

But to suggest that this injury could’ve been prevented is asinine.

We’ve all seen a lot of ACL injuries over the years. Some are no-contact injuries. Some are like what we saw with Burrow against the Washington Football Team. They just happen.

Every quarterback in the NFL gets sacked/hit nearly every week. Every quarterback is always at risk of a lower-body injury (it’s the most vulnerable position on the field, except for the punter/kicker).

I seriously doubt anyone was writing this same article when Tom Brady tore his ACL in 2008. No one was accusing the New England Patriots of “failing” Brady.

Burrow has a bright future ahead. And we have no idea what Cincinnati will do to help him on the field.

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Let’s give the franchise a legitimate chance to prove everyone wrong before writing silly articles like Yahoo Sports wrote this week.