LSU Football: 3 options to replace Scott Linehan as passing game coordinator

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For the second offseason in a row, LSU football will be searching for a new passing game coordinator.

LSU football’s entire coaching staff will have a much different look in 2021.

The Tigers are replacing three defensive assistants and at least one offensive assistant.

Various reports indicated on Monday evening that LSU is moving on from passing game coordinator Scott Linehan after just one season in Baton Rouge.

I can’t say that I’m surprised.

It’s not that I thought Linehan did a bad job (it’s hard to make too much of a judgement, based on the odd 2020 season), I just always thought it was an odd fit.

Linehan is an NFL guy. Prior to 2020, his last job in college football was in 2001 at Louisville. He doesn’t have any strong connections to Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron or Baton Rouge, which is another reason I thought the hire was odd.

This is total speculation, but I’d expect Orgeron to try to find another Joe Brady type hire this time around. A young up-and-coming assistant who can bring some fresh ideas to the staff.

I think there are a couple of great options for Orgeron, starting with a couple of familiar faces.

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Jorge Munoz — Baylor passing game coordinator

This is who I thought should’ve got the job when Linehan got it.

Munoz worked closely with Brady in 2019 and was a big part of Joe Burrow’s success.

Burrow famously invited Munoz, then an offensive analyst at LSU, to the Heisman Trophy presentation in 2019. Analysts usually don’t get to make that trip. The fact Burrow brought Munoz along shows how important he felt the analyst was to his success.

I know there aren’t many Joe Bradys out there. In fact, everyone is trying to find the next Brady and not having much luck. But even if Munoz isn’t Brady, he could still bring that same freshness to LSU’s coaching staff. He already knows the program. And he knows most of the players in the program. I think it would make a ton of sense to bring Munoz back to Baton Rouge.

However, I do think there’s a slightly better option that Orgeron could pursue.