LSU Football: We have another terrible Joe Burrow take

LSU Football Syndication: The Enquirer
LSU Football Syndication: The Enquirer /

When it comes to former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow, there’s no shortage of bad takes.

(We can attribute most of those terrible takes to Colin Cowherd.)

The latest bad Burrow take comes from The Daily Advertiser in Lafayette.

A headline this weekend from The Daily Advertiser reads “Joe Burrow celebrates Ohio Bobcats basketball March Madness upset win but ignores LSU”.

This is an absolutely ridiculous headline.

Why is Joe Burrow catching grief for celebrating Ohio’s win?

On Saturday, Ohio stunned the college basketball world by beating Virginia in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Ohio is a 13 seed and Virginia is a 4 seed, so it was quite an upset.

After the game, Burrow, who typically isn’t very active on Twitter (he has just over 1,400 total tweets), took to the social media platform to show Ohio some love.

“How bout those Bobcats,” tweeted Burrow.

It was Burrow’s first tweet since March 11 and only his eighth tweet in 2021.

The reason Burrow was so happy for Ohio is because he has some strong Bobcats connections.

Burrow grew up in Athens, OH, moving there as a child when his dad became the defensive coordinator at Ohio in 2005 (a position the elder Burrow remained in until 2018). It’s safe to say that Burrow has spent a lot of time on Ohio’s campus and at various Bobcats athletics events.

Sending a congratulatory tweet to Ohio for their huge upset win isn’t a slight toward LSU.

Burrow doesn’t send tweets often. I’m sure if the Tigers make a deep NCAA tourney run, there will be a tweet or two from the former LSU standout.

No one expected Ohio to beat Virginia on Saturday. LSU beating St. Bonaventure, however, wasn’t a surprise. The Daily Advertiser is turning this into something it shouldn’t be.

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By the way, Burrow posted a message on Instagram that said “Let’s Geaux Tigers” before LSU’s game on Saturday, so it’s not like he completely ignored the Tigers.