Would LSU football be in a college football ‘Super League’?

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On Monday, some big news from across the pond dropped that could alter sports forever (and it has nothing to do with LSU football or college sports).

A “European Super League” was announced that features some of the most prominent soccer teams from Europe.

12 teams were reportedly set to join the European Super League. A couple of teams, however, have since said they won’t be joining the league.

While the future of the European Super League is murky, it got us thinking about which teams would be in a College Football Super League.

This could obviously be an intense debate. College football has some of the most passionate fans in all of sports. And I’m sure everyone has a reason that their favorite program should be among the teams in this hypothetical “Super League”.

But there can only be 15 teams (that’s how many teams I’m allowing in my version of the College Football Super League).

Now, the easy way to do this would be to just take the 15 most successful teams of the last couple of years and place them in the league.

For one, that’s not any fun.

Secondly, I think it goes against what college football is all about.

The pageantry, and the passion of the fans, is what makes college football so great. If there’s a super league, I want to see the great cathedrals of college football. I want to see the most storied traditions in the sport.

That’s why I’m confident my list of teams makes up the perfect “hypothetical College Football Super League”.

I’ve broken my list into two groups. The no-brainers and the storied programs that deserve a spot.