The interesting method Joe Burrow used to get his groove back

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A couple of weeks ago, Joe Burrow sent a shiver down the spines of Cincinnati Bengals fans when he said he was feeling frustrated and not like himself.

It was certainly expected that the former LSU football star would need some time to find his groove again after suffering a devastating injury last November. Burrow hasn’t played in a game since tearing his ACL in week 11 against the Washington Football Team.

But still, there were undoubtedly some concerns when Burrow expressed frustration recently.

Will he ever be the same? Is the knee injury too much for Burrow to come back from?

While most fans likely assumed Burrow would be just fine, it would be understandable if they were worried about their franchise quarterback.

Bengals fans, however, can rest easy.

Burrow said on Wednesday that he’s back to “normal”.


"Burrow: “Getting more reps. Like I’ve said before, no one was panicked, I wasn’t panicked. Just took more reps. Coming off a bad injury, haven’t played for a while, now we’re back to normal 10 practices later. We’re good to go.”"

The method Joe Burrow used to find his groove again

Burrow said on Wednesday that 10 additional practices helped him feel like his old self again.

But it was more than just those 10 practices.

Burrow decided that to find his groove again he needed to feel some pressure in the pocket.

The Bengals, of course, weren’t going to allow any defenders anywhere close to Burrow’s surgically repaired knee just yet. So instead, Burrow asked some coaches to stand in the pocket and crowd him.


"It will be recalled that 11 days ago, Burrow was struggling early in training camp and admitted he just didn’t have his signature pocket confidence. That’s when he revealed he had asked the coaches to start crowding him in the pocket in an effort to re-discover the timing. Now offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and quarterbacks coach Dan Pitcher are the most well-known bag men in Bengals history."

Leave it to Burrow to need more intensity and pressure to feel normal.

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There’s something special about Burrow. We already know that, obviously. But he just continues to prove on a near-weekly basis that he’s on another level as a quarterback.