Kirk Herbstreit should never be allowed to talk about LSU Football again after comments on Saturday

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Kirk Herbstreit should never be allowed to talk about LSU Football again after his comments during College GameDay on Saturday.

Herbstreit once again suggested that LSU players have quit this season.

Here are his comments (via FanSided):

"I think he hit lightning in a bottle,” Herbstreit said on College GameDay. “He had Joe Burrow, Joe Brady, Dave Arranda — geniuses on both sides of the ball, and he was great at recruiting. Last year during COVID, it was a disaster and it’s carried over this year. What I see is individuality. What I see is guys who quit, guys who don’t want to play for the LSU brand. LSU does not play hard, that’s the new LSU. It’s got to kill the alums because it’s such a proud bunch but that’s the reality. LSU has to get back to having some pride in their program.”"

Kirk Herbstreit’s comments about LSU Football are way off the mark

Look, there’s no doubt that LSU hasn’t played well this season.

But suggesting that players have quit just because the team hasn’t played well is absurd.

I know there’s a feeling among some national analysts that cornerbacks Derek Stingley Jr and Eli Ricks aren’t playing because they “quit”. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Both players are legitimately hurt.

Stingley and Ricks, among other injured players, were at the game against Florida in Baton Rouge on Saturday.

And Stingley is clearly too injured to be playing.

LSU is down more than 20 scholarship players against the Gators, yet the team is playing extremely hard in the first half (The Tigers entered halftime with a 21-13 lead over Florida).

Anyone who has watched the first half of the game can see that the team hasn’t quit. In fact, they look like they’re playing inspired football right now.

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It feels like Herbstreit has something personal against LSU. I’m not sure what his problem is. But at this point, I’d prefer to never hear him talk about the Tigers again.