Former LSU Football quarterback Joe Burrow clears the air on Thursday

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There’s been some talk this week about whether or not former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow wants to be claimed by Ohio State.

There was a social media post (which was shared by former LSU star Shaquille O’Neal) that circulated this week that purportedly showed Burrow telling Ohio State fans not to claim him.

Based on Burrow’s comments on Thursday, I’m guessing those comments weren’t accurate.

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback spoke to reporters on Thursday and made it known that he will always be a Buckeye.

“Yeah, I’m definitely still a Buckeye,” said Burrow (via 247Sports). “I graduated from there. I still have relationships to this day that I wouldn’t have without being there…I’m still a Buckeye.”

There’s nothing wrong with Joe Burrow still claiming Ohio State

I’m sure there will be a few Tigers fans who don’t care for Burrow’s comments.

But I don’t see any issue.

Burrow actually spent longer at Ohio State than he did at LSU. Of course he has fond memories of his time as a Buckeye (also, Burrow grew up in Ohio, just another reason OSU means something to him).

Here’s why it really doesn’t matter, though:

Burrow reps LSU everywhere he goes. He usually has an LSU bracelet on when he’s doing interviews. He rarely talks about Ohio State unless a reporter brings the Buckeyes up.

Sure, there’s a part of Burrow that’s a Buckeye. But there’s a bigger part of him that’s a Tiger.

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Ohio State can claim Burrow, but they should remember that all of his college highlights are of him in an LSU uniform.