LSU football vs. New Mexico will feature unique uniform match-up

The 2022 season has been nothing if not eventful for the LSU football program. A 2-1 start has been filled with newsworthy events, most recently a 31-3 scoring run that saw the Tigers come back from down two touchdowns to beat Mississippi State. Now, they are staring SEC play right in the face as fans prepare to find out just how good Brian Kelly’s team is this year.

Before the Bayou Bengals are tested against the remainder of the SEC West though, they’ll host New Mexico in one final tune-up ahead of the toughest stretch on their schedule. There are a lot of talking points ahead of this non-conference game. However, one thing not a lot of people are talking about is the aesthetic aspect of the contest.

LSU football vs. New Mexico will feature a unique uniform match-up

LSU’s yellow helmet, white jersey, yellow pants combination is one of the cleanest in the country. The traditional Tigers threads are seen as one of the most iconic uniforms anywhere in college football. This—combined with the unique color scheme of the school—results in the Bayou Bengals seldom having to switch up their special threads for games.

Although, once or twice a year, LSU likes to dress up for special occasions.

The Tigers have sported some of the best, most experimental jersey combinations the sport has ever seen over the years. These have come and gone, but there is one alternate look that remains to this day. This uniform will be broken out for Saturday’s match-up with New Mexico.

The Bayou Bengals will wear their traditional purple alternate uniforms. These will be coupled with the white helmets and white pants for the seventh time in program history (the eighth time in white-purple-purple overall). This game is being called the “purple game” on LSU’s official schedule. Saturday will be the first time the Tigers will have worn the uniforms since 2021.

The 27-14 win over Louisiana Monroe last season improved LSU’s record to 7-1 while wearing the  purple threads all time. The lone loss in the look came back in 2017 when Ed Orgeron’s squad dropped a home game in embarrassing fashion, 24-21, vs. Troy.

The Tigers aren’t going to be the only ones dressed up in non-traditional jerseys for this contest though. New Mexico announced earlier in the week that the Lobos would be bringing back a fan-favorite uniform combination as well. They will be sporting red helmets, a white jersey and white pants. The jersey will have turquoise letters and numbers outlined with red trim. It’s the first time the Lobos will have worn these colors since last year’s game against Texas A&M.

LSU vs. New Mexico may not be the must-see slugfest on this weekend’s college football slate. The uniform match-up is top tier though. This game will feature two of the sleekest threads in the entire nation on Saturday. For those jersey fanatics out there, Saturday’s contest is a dream come true in more ways than one.