Urban Meyer’s idiotic, toxic comments to Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow is an LSU Tigers legend, former 1st overall draft pick, and an NFL star. That’s not bad for a guy Urban Meyer once called a ‘D2 quarterback’.

Imagine telling Joe Burrow that he ‘throws like a girl’ or is a Division II caliber quarterback. According to reports, Urban Meyer hurled such insults at Burrow during a film study from their time together at Ohio State. The incident is on brand for Meyer, a former coach that isn’t a great human and is often overrated by the masses.

Few fans (and pundits) affiliated with Ohio State football will admit that Urban Meyer whiffed on Joe Burrow. However, Meyer sat Burrow behind Dwayne Haskins, J.T. Barrett, and Cardale Jones from 2015 to (spring) 2018. Burrow wisely departed the Buckeyes after realizing he wouldn’t win Meyer’s favor.

The LSU Tigers football program was primarily a discombobulated operation under Ed Orgeron. However, Orgeron’s 2019 team was a historic college football anomaly enabled by one guy, Joe Burrow. If ‘Coach O’ did anything right in Baton Rouge, it was realizing Burrow’s potential.

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After transferring to LSU, Burrow was far from a finished product, but the Tigers realized what makes him special. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same for Meyer, a crotchety coach that appeared intent to run Burrow off campus instead of developing him. The attitude is on brand for the former Utah, Florida, Ohio State, and Jacksonville Jaguars head coach and controversy magnet.

Conversely, perhaps, LSU Tigers fans should applaud Meyer. Burrow has too much class to admit it, but I suspect he’s motivated by insults from bozos like Meyer. As a result, Burrow grew into a guy that posted one of the greatest seasons in college football history while in Baton Rouge.

Meyer departed the Buckeyes after seven seasons and his recurring ‘health reasons’ excuse. He recently tried and failed miserably at coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ultimately, Meyer is a guy that made his money and reputation by leading programs that recruit themselves and turn a cheek on unethical behaviors.

Meyer’s former treatment of Burrow is just the latest example of the former coach’s toxicity.