LSU Football: What fans are saying about the win over Grambling

LSU Tigers take on Grambling State at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023.
LSU Tigers take on Grambling State at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2023. /

LSU Football got back to their winning ways on Saturday with a 72-10 win over Grambling State. Here’s what Tigers fans are saying about the game that was.

We asked LSU Football fans on Facebook what they thought about the Tigers’ big win over Grambling State on Saturday. Some fans admitted that they feel good about the win despite LSU’s significant advantage. Indeed, the theme resonating in Death Valley is that LSU did what was expected against an inferior opponent by winning big.

“We did what we were SUPPOSE to do. Start getting ready for next week” -Corey E.

“Win against a fluff team to get back in it“ -An N.

”Practice!!!! We talking about practice” -Malcolm J.

Conversely, a majority of LSU Football fans were none too pleased following the the Tigers’ romp of Grambling. Hue Jackson’s offense moved the ball in chunks throughout the first half and LSU fans didn’t forget. They let us know their thoughts including expected criticism of the Tigers’ secondary.

“Defense is a problem” -Tonya F.

”Defense is pitiful still” -AJ B.

”Secondary looked Horrendous in the first half. Time to give the younger guys a shot” -David N.

“Our D is very suspect,exp our corners. Our D line only got 1-2 sacks against Grambling.” -Mark C.

To some fans, LSU Football posting 72 points was not enough. Indeed, there’s some Tiger faithful that remain unhappy with the offense.

“[Daniels] holds the ball a little too long and receivers dropped a few in their hands…” -Brian T.

”The O line/running game needs some work for upper level opponents.” -Mark C.

”Daniels gotta make those throws !!! Missed a couple wide open shots!!! Can’t do that against sec play!” -Cody B.

Then, of course, we heard from the LSU fans that are all around unhappy. There’s folks unhappy with Brian Kelly and others are dissatisfied with the current state of the program. There’s also some fans are angered by the final score.

“I question the fact that this team is not physically and mentally conditioned to play at the level Kelly speaks of.” -Gerard S.

“Kelly should be gone long time ago.” -Enrique G.

”I am disappointed in the Tigers. Running the score up on Grambling. I hope doing that makes they remember how they felt the week before when they got the snot beat out of them.” -Robert S.

As usual, for better or worse, LSU Football fans are a basket of emotions following games. I think many remain disappointed by the Week 1 loss to Florida State and a win over a lower-level opponent isn’t enough to restore optimism.

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We will see if attitudes change following next Saturday’s game vs. Mississippi State.