LSU Football involved in the Jordan Travis and Joe Exotic drama over “Tiger King” trademark

LSU Football’s loss to Florida State in Week 1 haunts us in more ways than the standings. The Tigers are now caught up in drama oddly related to Joe Exotic.

LSU Football is no stranger to off-the-field drama thanks to the Ed Orgeron tenure. This time, however, the Tigers are somewhat caught in the middle of Joe Exotic merchandising drama resulting from the Week 1 loss to Florida State.

Seminoles’ quarterback Jordan Travis released a new t-shirt advertised as “College King 2.0” on his NIL website. The shirt is a cartoon depiction of the FSU quarterback sitting on the throne with a pair of tigers lying at his feet. One tiger represents LSU Football (Mike the Tiger), and the other represents Clemson, as indicated by its bright purple and orange stripes.

Florida State moved to 4-0 after beating Clemson this past weekend. As such, Travis holds bragging rights to defeating the most prominent Tigers in college football in 2023.

So, where’s the drama in Travis’ wise decision to capitalize on his team’s victories?

Joe Exotic threatened legal action over trademark infringement

Joe Exotic of The Tiger King docuseries on Netflix has threatened legal action from his prison cell. According to Joe, Travis’s ‘College King 2.0’ t-shirt infringes on Exotic’s “Tiger King'” trademark.

The below post appeared on Exotic’s X (Twitter) account on Sunday.

As usual, Exotic is spewing much nonsense as Travis’s t-shirt does not infringe on trademarks. Credit to On3 for researching the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“…Exotic only has the “Tiger King” trademark for use with firearms, gaming machines and skin creams.”

Joe Exotic (Joseph Allen Maldonado) is currently serving a 21-year prison sentence resulting from federal charges for animal cruelty and attempted murder for hire. The Tiger King rose to fame and pop-culture status during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which we had nothing better than binge-watch TV shows.

For what it’s worth, Travis’s t-shirt is listed at a sale price of $31.24, which is an obvious nod to the final score of FSU’s win over Clemson. As we know, the Seminoles love trolling opponents in the days following their win. Florida State’s band trolled LSU Football by forming “45-24” during their Week 2 halftime show.

Ultimately, there is only one “Tigah King,” and you’re currently reading his work. That said, give me a follow on X (Twitter) @TigahKing.