‘Damn LSU’ trending as fans share disappointment after Tigers’ loss to Iowa in Elite Eight 

LSU v Iowa
LSU v Iowa / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Despite Kim Mulkey’s more conservative outfit and Angel Reese’s 17 points, the LSU Tigers were bested by Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Iowa was clearly out for revenge (despite what Clark said before the game) after the Hawkeyes lost to LSU in the national championship last season.

Reese had a stunning first-half performance with 13 points and 8 rebounds. However, the Tigers’ star was stunned in the second half, only earning 4 additional points for LSU.

After the 94-87 loss to the Hawkeyes, Tiger fans flooded social media to share their disappointment about the team’s season coming to an end:

At the end of the day, game recognizes game, and many LSU fans gave Iowa the nod of recognition for being the incredible team that it is.

Clark ended the game with 41 points, 12 assists, and 7 rebounds for the Hawkeyes.

“We knew we were gonna be able to fine,” Clark said. “You gotta give them a lot of credit, they had an incredible year.”

Even Iowa’s celebrity fan Jason Sudeikis had to join in on the fun and dogged the Tigers as well… 

Overall, the LSU Tigers have nothing to be ashamed of this year. 

Kim Mulkey did a fantastic job coaching this squad. Reese had an elite season. Flau’jae Johnson evolved into an all-star player. The Tigers were damn good. The Tigers will be back next season.

Iowa will play against the winner of USC versus UConn in the Final Four on April 5. No matter what, the Hawkeyes will have yet another tough opponent ahead of them.

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