How do we feel about college football players repping two schools?

The Super Bowl is over, and our attention will quickly shift to the 2024 NFL Draft. Today, I’m thinking about Bo Nix’s recent pre-draft comments regarding repping two college football programs.
Nov 13, 2021; Seattle, Washington, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils quarterback Jayden Daniels (5)
Nov 13, 2021; Seattle, Washington, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils quarterback Jayden Daniels (5) / Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Consider this is a “random Monday thoughts” article. Actually, what Bo Nix recently said to the Daily Wire regarding his plan to represent Oregon and Auburn hits close to home for LSU football.

“…I’m going to claim Oregon for as long as I can,” said Nix. “But at the same time, I graduated from Auburn too, so I get to claim that part of it too.”

Nix’s response was part of a discussion regarding what the college football program he will affiliate himself with as a pro. Of course, a player’s college program is part of the draft process, profiles, trading cards, etc. When Nix hears his name called during the NFL Draft, it will be followed by his position and college. For him, that program will be Oregon because the trend is to attach the last college attended to the player’s draft card and NFL profile.

But I wonder, what will Nix say when he records his Sunday Night Football intro video? Will it be “Bo Nix…Auburn and Oregon?”

How would TJ Finely or JT Daniels handle this topic? Better yet, does Jayden Daniels plan to represent Arizona State and LSU football?

The reigning Heisman Trophy winner spent three years with the Sun Devils before transferring to LSU. Daniels started at Arizona State as a freshman and left the university with a degree. Granted, he was not a program legacy like Nix is to Auburn, but I imagine Daniels shares some of the same sentiments regarding his first college football program.

Conversely, the Sun Devil players’ reaction to Daniels moving to LSU football dampens the vibe.

I imagine many LSU football fans will read this and think, “why does this topic matter?” To that crowd, I remind you of how testy we get when Ohio State fans try to claim Joe Burrow. Speaking of which, the current Bengals quarterback has been asked what college football program he represents on a few occasions.

“I’m definitely still a Buckeye,” Burrow said in February 2022. “I graduated from there. I still have relationships to this day that I wouldn’t have without being there.”

For what it's worth, Burrow made such comments while wearing an LSU Tigers hoodie.

Ultimately, the debate over what school football players represent matters most in the eyes of fans. It’s also a debate that will get more interesting with the transfer portal morphing into a mechanism that resembles NFL free agency.

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For LSU football fans, Joe Burrow and Jayden Daniels will forever be Tigers, as will be any player that achieves greatness while in Baton Rouge.