Jarvis Landry praises Brian Thomas Jr after day one of Jaguars rookie minicamp

The LSU Football team is well represented at Jaguars minicamp as Jarvis Landry joins the three LSU rookies
Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson looks on as Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jarvis
Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson looks on as Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jarvis / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

The LSU Football team has a ton of alumni at the Jaguars rookie minicamp as the team drafted three LSU Tigers while inviting Jarvis Landry as a veteran invitee looking to earn a contract. Landry missed the entire 2023 season dealing with an ankle injury but, is looking to make a return to the NFL.

While at Jaguars Rookie Minicamp, Jarvis Landry has gotten to play alongside Brian Thomas Jr another former LSU Tiger. Landry spoke on Brian Thomas Jr's ability saying the following:

"Elite. Elite. Elite. So just watching him out here and seeing firsthand in person, I've seen him on TV a couple times, but seeing him firsthand he's elite."

Jarvis Landry

While the Jacksonville Jaguars may be bringing Jarvis Landry to truly see if he can contribute to the team, he's most likely in camp to serve as a mentor to Brian Thomas Jr. Landry spoke on if he'd be willing to mentor his younger counterpart to which he said the following:

"Absolutely, whether I'm here or not here, whatever it is, he has my number. He has my number. I'm like they were all guys I ran into him yesterday. We had a great conversation, it's really it's part of the culture. It's how you keep the culture clean and good. And that's what I'm going to do."

Jarvis Landry

The rookie receiver seemingly has one of the best mentors you could ask for in Jarvis Landry. Landry went from LSU to the NFL becoming a five-time pro-bowler and is looking to play his tenth season in the NFL. Having a player with the career of Jarvis Landry in Brian Thomas's corner will do wonders for his career if he ever needs the advise.

Now the Jaguars should finally sign Jarvis Landry

The Jaguars did a great thing bringing in Jarvis Landry in for rookie minicamp but, they should look to make it a permanent move. The Jaguars could use a mentor like Landry in the locker room year-round while he should have enough in the tank to still prove himself at the NFL level. If Landry gave the Jaguars any production it would be an added bonus to what he gives the team in the locker room.

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