Kim Mulkey threatens lawsuit amid WaPo rumored story during March Madness

Kim Mulkey has bigger things to worry about than a story coming out about her in the Washington Post, she has a national title to defend.
Tigers Head Coach Kim Mulkey as The LSU Tigers take on the Rice Owls in the 1st round of the 2024 Women's NCAA Tournament.
Tigers Head Coach Kim Mulkey as The LSU Tigers take on the Rice Owls in the 1st round of the 2024 Women's NCAA Tournament. / SCOTT CLAUSE/USA TODAY Network / USA

Kim Mulkey is currently in the middle of a back-to-back National Championship run and apparently the Washington Post thinks that is the perfect time to try to schedule an interview and ask questions.

During the Tigers' first-round matchup against Rice in the NCAA Tournament, a rumor began circling about a story coming out in the Washington Post about the popular and legendary LSU women's coach. Timing does not seem to be a strong suit here.

In a press conference on the Tigers off day before their second-round matchup against Middle Tennessee State, Mulkey addressed these rumors and she did not seem too happy about it.

Mulkey claimed that the reporter working on a hit piece story against her for two years and in that time has continuously reached out for an interview with the legendary coach. However, Mulkey knew of this reporter and mentioned her distaste of the "hit job" story he wrote on LSU football coach Brian Kelly and that was the reason she was not going to do this story.

Timing only seemed to get worse as Mulkey reported that the reporter then reached out to the LSU on Tuesday of the week they were set to begin Mach Madness with a dozen questions. The reporter apparently gave a short and hard deadline of Thursday, the day before the Tigers were set to take the court against Rice in the first round.

"Are you kidding me?" Mulkey stated. "This was a ridiculous deadline that LSU and I could not possibly meet and the reporter knew. It was just an attempt to prevent me from commenting and an attempt to distract us from this tournament. It ain't going to work buddy."

This reporter apparently never gave up and even contacted many of Mulkey's former coaches and players even citing that he was with Mulkey in Baton Rouge working on the story. It was evident Mulkey had had enough.

"I am fed up and I am not going to let the Washington Post attack this University, this awesome team of young women I have, or me without a fight," Mulkey exclaimed.

Mulkey announced that she has hired the best defamation law firm in the country to represent her and is ready to sue the Washington Post if they publish a false story about her. She knows her platform and wants to use it to take down what she calls "sleazy" journalists.

If I were the Washington Post, I would take Mulkey's threats seriously because she is not a person I would want to anger. Being on her bad side is not a side I would ever want to be on. This is will be a very interesting story to follow and I for one am curious if these two will go toe-to-toe and who will end up on top.