The Funniest Three Potential Corporate Sponsors for the SEC

2023 SEC Media Days
2023 SEC Media Days / Johnnie Izquierdo/GettyImages
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1. Waffle House

Is there anything that signifies you are in the South more than driving by a Waffle House? You can find a Waffle House on or near every campus in the SEC. The presence of Waffle Houses in the SEC has sparked online conversation and debate as fans power rank teams by the proximity to a Waffle House and by the number of Waffle Houses on each SEC campus.

Twitter users have already gone to work creating a perfect logo for the SEC if it was sponsored by Waffle House.

Imagine the Paul Finebaum callers calling in upset that their favorite player wasn't named to the All-Star Breakfast All-SEC Team. We've seen coaches like Nick Saban give their press conferences with Coca Cola bottles on the podium, now replace them with Waffle House Syrup dispensers. The opportunities are both endless and hilarious.