The Funniest Three Potential Corporate Sponsors for the SEC

2023 SEC Media Days
2023 SEC Media Days / Johnnie Izquierdo/GettyImages
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2. Coca Cola

In terms of money and being located in the South, Coca Cola has the strongest possibility to be the eventual sponsor of the SEC. Now add in the coaches that have done work with Coca-Cola as Nick Saban, Kim Mulkey, Mike Leech, and Brian Kelly to name a few have all proudly displayed Coca Cola products.

Now with Nick Saban retired many are considering Kirby Smart to be the best coach in the country and in the SEC. Everyone remembers Nick Saban's famous rant where he told the media to get information on smart leaving from a Coca Cola bottle because he wouldn't speculate on it. This would make for a perfect announcement campaign having Nick Saban refuse to answer on it before the Coke bottle spills the beans.