Where LSU Ranks in the NFL Draft Since 2000

2014 NFL Draft
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NFL Draft Day is officially upon us and while NFL teams are officially getting better, it's also a celebration of College Players making it to the pros. It'll be a celebration of LSU Football all weekend long as LSU should certainly have six players selected with three selections in the first round. Every year draft day is seemingly a celebration of LSU talent and the results will show you why.

Defensive Backs:

Since 2000, LSU ranks second with 31 defensive backs drafted trailing only Ohio State with 33. Since 2010, LSU ranks 2nd with 23 defensive backs drafted trailing only Alabama who's had 24. The only defensive back from LSU with a chance of getting drafted this weekend is safety Andre Sam who's projected as a late day three pick or an undrafted free agent.


Since 2000, LSU ranks ninth with 16 linebackers selected in the NFL Draft eleven selections behind Georgia who's atop the list. However, since 2010, LSU ranks third with 15 linebackers selected behind Georgia and Alabama who are tied with 19 selections. LSU won't have any linebackers in this draft class but, they'll get a boost next year with a first-rounder in Harold Perkins Jr.

Defensive Linemen:

Since 2000, LSU is tied for second with 29 defensive linemen drafted trailing only Ohio State with 30 while tied with Alabama. Since 2010, LSU ranks tied for third with 17 defensive linemen selected trailing Alabama and Ohio State. The LSU Tigers will take a jump with three defensive linemen that will be selected in this draft in Maason Smith, Mekhi Wingo, and Jordan Jefferson.

Offensive Linemen:

Since 2000, LSU ranks ninth with 18 offensive linemen selected in the NFL Draft. Since 2010, LSU has taken a jump with 13 selections ranking eighth. If LSU is going to take a jump it'll need Charles Turner III to get drafted as he's projected as a late day three selection however, LSU's draft class in 2025 will give them a significant boost.

Wide Receivers:

Since 2000, LSU is tied for the lead in drafted receivers tied with Ohio State with 23 selections. The LSU Tigers have the lead since 2010 however, with 14 wide receivers selected. The LSU Tigers likely tie Ohio State for the lead with Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr getting drafted while Ohio State will likely only see Marvin Harrison Jr get selected.

Running Backs:

Since 2000, LSU trails only Alabama with 16 running backs drafted while Alabama has had 18 selected. Since 2010, LSU trails Alabama as well with 10 running backs selected while Alabama has had 13. If LSU is going to take a jump, they'll need Noah Cain to get drafted while Jase McClellan from Alabama is in the same draft range.


Since 2000, LSU is tied for the most quarterbacks selected with eight tied atop the rankings with USC. The LSU Tigers are tied with the Trojans as well since 2010, with three quarterbacks drafted a piece but, Alabama has the lead with six quarterbacks selected. LSU and USC will maintain their lead this century with Jayden Daniels and Caleb Williams likely coming off the board first and second.

Overall players:

Since 2000, LSU ranks fourth trailing only Ohio State, Alabama, and Georgia with 148 selections 15 behind Ohio State at the top.

LSU Football will get you to the next level

If you're a high school recruit trying to pick between schools with the goal of making it to the NFL it's nearly impossible not to pick LSU. Since college football's shift to heavy passing attacks, the LSU Football team has put a hoard of offensive talent into the NFL. On the defensive side of the football LSU has lived up to its DBU nickname while putting loads of talent into the NFL in the front seven.

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