NFL Draft: LSU Tigers that could be drafted on Day 2


Surprisingly, LSU did not have a player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft yesterday. There should be several Tigers coming off the board today, though.

Yesterday, for the first time in five years, Louisiana State University did not produce a first round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Today, however, we should see several LSU Tigers being picked up by NFL teams on the second day of the draft. Plenty of impact players are always found in the second and third rounds that are featured tonight, and 2015 will be no exception.

LSU has a plethora of potential impact players in this year’s draft. Which ones could be selected tonight?

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Jalen Collins


Prediction: Early second round

I was somewhat surprised to see Jalen Collins slide past the first round last night.

If Malcom Brown, a top defensive tackle prospect was not available at pick No. 32, Collins seemed like he would be a lock to the New England Patriots, or at least one of the several other teams in need of help at cornerback.

Now, however, he will become a steal for whatever team selects him. At very worst, Collins is an early second round prospect, and he will be drafted as such. At 6-foot-1 and 203 pounds, he possesses the ideal frame that NFL teams look for in a lockdown corner. He has the height and vertical to defend the tallest receivers in the league, and the speed to keep up with the fastest.

While I do not see Collins as a legitimate lockdown corner from Day 1, he has potential. The physical tools are all there, and if his technique is improved, some lucky team could be drafting a future Pro Bowl player.

La’el Collins


Prediction: Late second round

La’el Collins is in a bad situation. Despite not being a suspect in the case, Collins has left the draft in Chicago to speak with authorities in Baton Rouge, regarding the murder of an ex-girlfriend.

Although Collins has not been implicated in the case by any means, teams are scared to draft him with the uncertainty surrounding the situation. As a result, Collins has fallen from a likely top 15 pick to a major question mark.

Predicting Collins’ draft stock at this point is nearly impossible. With the recent Aaron Hernandez murder conviction very fresh in everyone’s mind, teams are undoubtedly scared to spend a top pick on him, despite Collins not having any other character concerns or red flags.

I think some team will take a chance on him in the late second round. Collins is a first round talent that teams would be getting as a bargain, regardless of where he is selected. I think the allure of drafting possibly the best offensive lineman in the draft in the second round will be too much to pass up.

Danielle Hunter


Prediction: Early third round

Danielle Hunter is a promising prospect that has incredible upside as a defensive end, or possibly even as a pass rushing outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense.

Although he is a little raw as a talent, his measurables are unquestioned. Hunter stands at 6-foot-5, and weighs 253 pounds, and runs close to a 4.5 second 40-yard dash. His resume is not bad either, leading LSU in tackles for loss last year, and starting at defensive end for nearly two full seasons.

Whichever team selects Hunter will have a project on their hands, but he is a project worth taking on, especially considering his tremendous potential.

Kwon Alexander


Prediction: Late third round

Kwon Alexander was a stud throughout his tenure at LSU, serving as an anchor in the middle of the field as a three-year starter. He had some troubles with injuries, but the biggest knock on Alexander is that he does not have ideal size to play linebacker in the NFL.

At just 6-foot-1 and 227 pounds, he can easily be pushed around by some of the more talented offensive linemen in the league. His high motor and tenacity should be more than enough to make up for a lack of size in the NFL, though.

Here is what one NFC scout had to say about him, via

"“He’s got the play speed you want and he will step in and be a core special-teamer, too. What you don’t love is his height and lack of length. When you dig around on him you find out that he has high character and that he’s good in the locker room.”"

That last sentence is what teams love to hear, and considering his success in the daunting SEC, some team should take a chance on Alexander by the time the night is over.

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