LSU football releases hype video honoring Death Valley


The LSU football team has released its latest hype video for the 2015 season, honoring the sacred Tiger Stadium, and it will give you chills. 

Tiger Stadium, home of the LSU football team, is widely regarded as the most intimidating venue in college football. On Saturdays in the fall, fans pack the stadium known as Death Valley to cheer on the Tigers, and ring the eardrums of their opponent.

In the LSU football team’s latest hype video, they pay tribute to this historic venue.

Throughout the video, a legendary poem written by longtime LSU PA announcer Dan Borne is recited. That poem is known as ‘Saturday Night in Death Valley’.

"“There’s this thing about the stadium and there’s no denying it,” Borne told The Advocate in 2011. “It’s a special place. The people who grew up in it, like I did, will never forget that. Every time I walk in there it’s a special feeling for me.”"

The poem is something that fans of the Bayou Bengals hold close to their heart, and if you have attended a game at Tiger Stadium in recent years, it is almost impossible to forget.

"It is a pantheon of concrete and steel. It is a city that rises defiantly in the delta, alongside the father of waters. It is the humidity of autumn evenings that drapes stately oaks and broad magnolias. It is haunted. And it is loud.It is Halloween night, and Cannon blasts. It is a Louisiana gumbo of humanity, that cheers its Tigers to victory and destroys the dreams of invading foes. The chance of rain is…never.It is the cathedral of college football, and worship happens here, when the sun finds its home in the western sky. It is a field of glory, for sure. But it much more than that, it is a sacred place.And it is Saturday night in Death Valley."

This latest hype video features countless highlights that bring back memories of LSU football glory, and celebrate the program’s bright future. But more than anything, it honors one of the greatest venues in all of sports: Tiger Stadium, the real Death Valley.

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