LSU to take new view on next Mike the Tiger mascot


The search is on for the next LSU Mike the Tiger mascot.  But the school now seems to have a different view on the treatment of a live mascot.

The Tigers are hoping to be ready for their Mike VII by August, and will be renovating the animal’s new habitat starting in April.  This way, he’ll be available as soon as the new freshman class arrives.

The program has also realized the ideology of the treatment of live mascots and animals in general is evolving, and the university’s way of thinking will be shifting with it.  The most major change to come of this new thinking is that Mike the Tiger will no longer be present in Tiger Stadium on football game days.

The LSU animal care staff will also be sure that the animal gets to be out in his yard a full seven days a week.  In addition to keeping him in a healthy state of mind, this will also allow fans to still view Mike over the course of game day without him having to deal with the stress of an SEC football environment.

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In an effort to further up their standards and show consideration for the ethical treatment of animals, the school is currently working to obtain accreditation to make the tiger habitat a tiger sanctuary.

Both the habitat and the university’s animal care plan are licensed by the USDA and are inspected annually to be sure they are constantly up to par.

The program does not support the for-profit breeding of Tigers, and will most likely obtain their next by way of a wildlife rescue.