LSU football Draft eligible Tigers: Ethan Pocic


With LSU football season finished, and Signing Day a few weeks away, Death Valley Voice is focusing on a few of the Draft eligible Tigers who can make a serious impact in the NFL.

LSU center Ethan Pocic could be a mid-round steal that could make such an impact for a team in 2017.

Lineman talk for the casual football fan is not the most glamorous of topics in which to engage. Even with the current Mount.  Rushmore discussions that fans partake in nowadays, I challenge you to find one where it doesn’t include athletes who rarely score points in some form or fashion, or who don’t score at all.

Ethan Pocic may have rarely come up during a conversation of LSU offense over the years, but his play on the field this year warranted him to be a finalist for the Rimington Award..  Pocic is listed at 6’7″ 309 lbs., which would be more ideal for him to play OT.  However, given the offense he ran throughout his career at LSU, I project that Pocic will play primarily RG in the NFL.

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Because of the Tigers’ run-heavy offense, Pocic was not always able to display his pass blocking abilities to his maximum potential.  Due to that issue, most NFL coaches and scouts would not grade him out as a blind side OG; usually on the left side of the formation.

If Pocic is able to display his athletic abilities at the combine, or at his pro days, he may grade out as a starting RG and backup LG and C.  That versatility may bump him up to the 2nd round of the draft.  Otherwise I see Ethan as a lock in the 3rd round, but certainly no later than the 4th.

Possible landing spots for Pocic include the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos.