LSU football Draft eligible Tigers: the future of Tre’Davious White

Although the term “shutdown” corner may be a bit over used in football, it is the perfect moniker for one of LSU football’s most elite defensive backs.

Tre’Davious White is not only slated to be a 1st day pick, but perhaps a top 5 overall selection.

Many LSU fans were bewildered with the Tigers lackluster offense coupled  with its woeful imagination and creativity. In order for the fan base to get any sense of excitement during the game we had to place most of our attention on the defensive side of the ball.

During this year’s draft NFL Teams will likely grab at least four former Tigers to fill their roster needs. The most prolific of that group may be former starting corner back Tre’Davious White. White has been a significant contributor to this defense since his freshman season.

White has a few attributes that make him a high target for most NFL Teams.

One factor is that he has played in both man to man and zone coverage schemes throughout college. Solid man coverage skills allows for more blitzing opportunities for defenses, as well as giving coordinators confidence to leave him on an island” while they shift safety help towards a weaker defensive back.

Solid zone coverage skills work two fold: one, it means you can guard and area and know when and where to release your man to. Two, it usually means that you are a decent open field tackler as well. Given White’s career tackles are at 167 (111 solo), I would say that is a safe assumption to make.

Another factor White brings to the table is his special teams and big play ability. Usually when you say big play ability from a corner, the first thing fans think of is interceptions. Tre’Davious has as many career interceptions as some defensive backs have in a season (6).

His strongest play ability comes from his returns. Not just special teams, but defense overall. Ever since his sophomore season Tre’Davious White has returned at least one interception or punt for a touchdown – for a total of 4.

Combines and Pro Days will be able to confirm whether or not eyeball test speed match is up to real speed. But his measurables so far are 6’0″ 197 lbs. If that holds up, he would be a nice sized corner to fit in as a nickel back originally, and groom to become an outside left corner over time. More in the mold of a young Darrelle Revis.

Possible landing sports for White include the Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and New Orleans Saints.