LSU Football: Odell Beckham Jr’s ban from facilities will help Tigers in recruiting

Former LSU football wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr has been banned from their facilities for two years.

LSU football has banned former wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr from their facilities for two years.

The self-imposed ban comes as a result of Beckham handing out approximately $2,000 in cash after LSU’s win against Clemson in the national championship game in January.

LSU initially said the money was fake, but former Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow disputed those claims.

I find the whole thing silly. Sure, Beckham probably shouldn’t have handed out cash to players on the field (with lots of cameras around). But it’s also not a big deal. It wasn’t an insanely large amount of money. And one of the players that received the cash — wide receiver Justin Jefferson — declared for the NFL draft shortly after the incident.

However, while I think the ordeal is silly, I also think it could potentially help LSU in recruiting.

LSU football could benefit from Odell Beckham Jr’s ban

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

Okay, well sometimes there can be bad publicity in college football (there have been far too many scandals in college sports). But when it comes to something like this, it’s probably going to help the Tigers.

OBJ is one of the most well-known football players in the country. He’s polarizing to some, but he’s also incredibly popular.

And there might be some young recruits who forget that OBJ played at LSU. Anything that gets Beckham and LSU in a headline together is a good thing — even if it’s him being banned from the facilities.

Two years isn’t very long. Beckham will be back in Baton Rouge at LSU before we know it. And by then, maybe some players who decide to give LSU a look because of OBJ will be enrolled and on campus.

At worst, OBJ being banned from LSU keeps him from handing out cash to unwitting recruits.

It’s a win/win for everyone.