LSU Football: The 5 best moments of the Ed Orgeron era

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2. The locker room rant after beating Alabama in 2019

This was a very NSFW moment, but it was absolutely one of my favorite moments of the Orgeron era at LSU.

After beating Alabama 46-41 late in the 2019 season, Orgeron talked to his players in the locker room and he let some words fly that he probably didn’t intend to get out there.

“Roll tide what? F*** YOU” exclaimed Orgeron after the win.

The speech was live-streamed and captured online. Orgeron didn’t apologize for what he said, though he admitted that he didn’t want the remarks to become public.

“The things that I say outside to the media, those are the things that I want to get out. If I wanted that to get out, I’d say that outside,” said Orgeron after the recording was made public (via YouTube).

You can check out the NSFW locker room speech here.